Hakuba, with its spectacular alpine scenery and rugged peaks, is home to over 10 outstanding resorts and over 200 runs. Majestic mountains tower over the quaint skiing and farming village.

Sun Alpina resort is situated in the southern end of the valley and incorporates 3 ski areas within one resort. The linked resorts of Goryu, Iimori and Hakuba 47 offer varied runs and modern facilities. The Olympic ski resort of Happo-One, situated in the heart of Hakuba town, boasts a number of runs to suit all levels of competence. Iwatake, Tsugaike, Norikura and Cortina resorts in the northern end of the valley offer more impressive skiing and snowboarding terrain.

With numerous other ski resorts an easy 30 minutes by car, the valley offers endless options for the winter enthusiast.  Spectacular views, phenomenal snowfall and alpine peaks reaching 3,000m make Hakuba a world-class winter destination and a unique cultural experience.

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