Below are frequently asked questions regarding Buying. If your question is not answered please contact Hakuba Real Estate with information you would like.

What is the cost of a pre-sale building inspection?

Option 1: Basic Report

A standard brief summary of building structure and items of concern. Cost equates to ¥35,000 per property.

Option 2: Detailed Report

A detailed, documented report , assessing all specifics of interior, exterior and basic structure. Cost is ¥250  per sq/m. 

Example: 12 bedroom lodge, total 500 sq/m floorspace = 500 sq/m x  ¥250  = ¥125,000. Please note there is a minimum charge for a Detailed Report of ¥45,000


Are property management services available in Hakuba?

Hakuba Resort Services provides all management needs.

- Online accounts, tax management and consultancy
- Year round housekeeping and property maintenance
- Extensive marketing and promotion of your property


What documentation is required to purchase property in Japan?

Where a buyer is an individual and resides abroad:

1. Affidavit
2. Letter of Proxy to a judicial scrivener

Where a buyer is an individual and resides in Japan with alien registration:

1. Certificate detailing the registered matters of alien registration
2. Letter of Proxy to a judicial scrivener

Where a buyer is a foreign corporate:

1. Affidavit
2. Letter of proxy to a judicial scrivener

Where buyer is a foreign corporate and its branch in Japan purchases a property:

1.Copy of corporate registration of its Japan branch
2.Seal of its Japan branch
3.Letter of Proxy to judicial scrivener
What deposit is required to secure a property?

Deposit must be paid to a vendor generally on the day of the contract at a rate of 10-20% of the purchase price. The balance will be paid at some mutually agreed time and payment is normally settled in the presence of a judicial scrivener (lawyer) to confirm all the necessary documents for a real property registration.

What ongoing property taxes are there?

1.Acquisition tax of 3-4% is applied to property and is paid post completion/purchase and is calculated on the statutory valuation of the property (one-off payment).

2.Fixed Asset Tax is the only ongoing/annual  tax for the ownership of land/houses. it is an annual rate of 1.4% of the statutory valuation of the property.

What are building costs in Hakuba?

The main driver of the cost of building is the price of materials used. As the cost of raw materials varies depending on market conditions the prices below should be taken as a broad indication only. More detailed and accurate quotes are available at the time of building. The prices below do not include fittings, white goods, furnishings and finishes.

Timber Construction
735,000/tsubo (222,700/M2)

Steel Construction
830,000/tsubo (251,500/M2)

Concrete construction
910,000/tsubo (273,200/M2)

In addition to these costs, water connection, property registration and other fees apply.

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